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Lutong tractors shine in the harvest festival

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Another year of good harvest scenery, golden autumn fruit full of barn. Recently, 2022 Chinese farmers harvest festival Mengjin celebration activities in Mengjin district Chaoyang town of Nanshishan village grand opening, 

Luoyang Lutong "Luyang red" tractor side by side in the agricultural machinery exhibition area, shining in the harvest festival activities at the scene at the same time also to the crowd to show the style of Lutong products.


Harvest Festival at Mengjin      

In addition to a wide range of Mengjin township specialties and a variety of folk performances, the agricultural machinery exhibition area also gained the attention of the crowd, especially in the Lutong representative tractor exhibition, but also frequently villagers stop to watch, take pictures and discuss, close understanding of the "Luyang red" tractor high quality, high value and high-cost performance.

The three tractors representing Lutong tractors "attended" the Harvest Festival activities are 90 horsepower LTB904, 180 horsepower LTD1804-6, 200 horsepower LTX2004-1, fully demonstrate the production capacity of Lutong across multiple horsepower range. At present, Luoyang Lutong has "Luoyang red" brand four series, more than 60 varieties of wheeled tractors, covering from 80 to 240 horsepower band in the large horsepower models, and all kinds of models have entered the national agricultural machinery subsidies product catalogue.


In recent years, the Mengjin District to carry out the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, from agricultural quality and efficiency and agricultural machinery innovation and upgrading "two-pronged", attach great importance to the Luoyang Lutong Group in the field of agricultural machinery and equip

ment, deep cultivation, strong support for the "Mengjin made" tractors of high energy efficiency Intelligent development. In this Harvest Festival celebration in Mengjin, the cool exhibition of several Lutong tractors made the visiting crowd feel the strength and charm of "Mengjin-made" machinery products more intuitively.


"The quality and performance of Lutong tractors have always been the backbone of the company's reputation in the field of agricultural machinery at home and abroad. In the tide of the development of intelligent agricultural machinery, Luoyang Lutong initiative from the configuration of refinement, high quality performance, control comfort and other aspects of simultaneous innovation and strengthening, not only adhere to the existing tractor products to push the new, but also according to market needs and constantly develop new tractor models to meet the needs of more users and operating environment, such as the harvest festival activities unveiled in the LTD1804-6 tractor is this year For example, the LTD1804-6 tractor unveiled at the Harvest Festival is a cost-effective 180 hp model launched this year. As a result, Lutong's "Luyang Hong" tractors have not only attracted much attention in the agricultural machinery industry, but also won the favour of thousands of new and old customers, with the main products selling well at home and abroad and winning the honour of "China's user-favourite agricultural machinery brand" for many times.

The grains are returning to their barns and the fruits of autumn are fragrant;

The "abundant" scenery is just right, Lutong protects the navigation!

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