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Join hands to make a show, sail for export, Lutong full hydraulic tandem roller to Argentina!

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On January 13, Luoyang Lutong Group ushered in the "red door" of road roller export trade in 2023, and two sets of fully hydraulic tandem rollers were successfully delivered to Henan Dizhan International Trade Co., Ltd. As the "pioneer" of this batch of 20 road roller orders, they will go to sea and sail to Argentina in South America, contributing to the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road"!

At the delivery ceremony, the representative leaders of Henan Dizhan International Trade Co., Ltd. and Junchang, executive deputy general manager of Luoyang Lutong Group, delivered speeches on stage, Li Junde, manager of Luoyang Lutong International Trade Department, introduced this road roller that is about to sail to the guests, and Li Junpeng, chairman of Luoyang Lutong Group, Li Junli, general manager, and Chen Zhiqiang, sales director, attended and witnessed.


Refining products, a new chapter in foreign tradeThe all-hydraulic double drum roller LTC212 delivered this time is a representative type of strong configuration roller of Lutong, which is an ideal compaction machine in high-demand, high-quality, mechanized and intelligent construction, and injects multiple charms such as dual-drive dual vibration, frequency conversion amplitude, stepless speed change, articulated steering, intelligent control sprinkler, strong power, fuel saving and long service life, which can not only exert the "magic" of compaction in various road surfaces and foundation projects, but also be afraid to unlock more complex working conditions of "ironing", and seek more for customers. Longer value.


Over the years, Lutong products are deeply trusted and loved by domestic and foreign users, the main products 0.6-40 tons series road rollers and 135-220 horsepower series graders and other construction machinery and 60-240 horsepower wheeled tractors and other agricultural machinery, not only has a broad customer group and sales market in China, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and other places, the business scope covers more than 130 countries and regions, and a number of international trade companies to establish long-term and stable business.

This new year foreign trade export "red door", is a joint effort of Henan Dizhan International Trade Co., Ltd. and Luoyang Lutong Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., Dizhan company to seek opportunities in foreign markets, Lutong Group to provide refined high-performance compaction machinery, so that "Luoyang Manufacturing" riding the national "Belt and Road" east wind sails to sea, opening a new chapter in the Latin American construction machinery market. In the future, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation and promote more Lutong products to cross the ocean and go to the world.

Strive for development by leapfrogging forward

Start a new game in the changing situation and seek breakthroughs in the endeavor. Over the past 40 years, whether it is seizing opportunities, riding the wind and waves, or bravely facing challenges and going against the trend, Luoyang Lutong Group adheres to the attitude of accumulation, firm resilience, unremitting drilling, committed to product research and development and manufacturing and domestic and foreign market development, relying on research and innovation technology to empower development, relying on refined products to make a brand, in the two major fields of construction machinery and agricultural machinery has made quite achievements, for many years to harvest the favor of the machinery market and many users, to achieve leapfrog development.


In 2022, which is full of changes, there is a complex competitive environment on the outside and challenging product upgrades on the inside, which can be described as high winds and waves, but Lutong Group has stood at the forefront of the tide and forged ahead, with international trade performance increasing by 50% year-on-year, domestic sales and sales increasing by 18% year-on-year, and completing the annual target tasks with ideal results.

In 2023, Luoyang Lutong will continue to strengthen the two development engines of "technology-driven" and "service-driven", promote the steady implementation of the business strategy of efficiency and cost reduction, and high energy efficiency, so that the next new journey of Lutong will usher in another qualitative development.

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